Sunday, January 11, 2009

Travel to Assisi

Some group members pictured at Greccio

Greccio: This is the town where Saint Francis enlivened the tradition of the Christmas crèche or living nativity. This is a rich tradition in Greccio as the church there includes an extensive collection of nativity scenes from a wide variety of cultures, mediums, and contexts. In Francis’ day, it was common for a Nativity mass to be hosted in the home of nobility as an affair for the wealthy and powerful. Francis renewed the understanding of incarnation and envisioned a Christmas mass at Greccio where rich and poor celebrated Christ’s birth together. Below are pictures of just a few of the many beautiful nativity sets and the church itself.

Pasta Nativity and War Nativity Scene

Assisi: After a long trip (especially for Liz---she was puking over the microphone on the bus)we finally made it to Assisi, also known as the "City of Peace." Some quick facts about Assisi are:
1) It's in the Umbria region
2) The birthplace of Saint Francis
3) The birthplace of Saint Clara (whom we will learn more about later)

Sunset at Assisi

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